Book Review: Never Say Never by Victoria Christopher Murray

Never Say Never by Victoria Christopher Murray is a must read.  A powerful story that will make you cringe, cry and wonder.

When I first read the synopsis I thought nothing like this story could ever happen in real life.  How could someone do that to a friend? Why would you betray your friend, your best friend, this way?  I couldn’t wait to see how the story played out.

Miriam Williams and Emily Harrington-Taylor are lifelong friends who married best friends, Chauncey Williams and Jamal Taylor.  When one suffers a tragedy that literally rocks her world to its core, she does the unthinkable, the unfathomable and their friendship is forever changed.

As the relationships slowly unravel we are given glimpses to the beginnings of their relationships.  We understand the struggles that Miriam had with forming friends and how much Emily had to give up for her relationship with Jamal.  Victoria Christopher Murray shows the bonds of friendships so strong that they are as closes as sisters and love so strong that with every transgression you literally feel for the characters.

The same questions that I had prior to reading the book I had while reading the book.  I also had additional questions, like how could she not know what was going on? How do you ask your friend to forgive you after what you have done?

The title of the book tells you to Never Say Never. But throughout the story you will find yourself saying never a lot.  Never would this happen to me, I would never do what she did; I would never forgive this transgression.  This is a page turner.  You will thoroughly enjoy this book.  And by the end, after all the questions you will finally agree with the character and Never Say Never.

Reviewed by Janette Malcolm for Urban Christian Fiction Today

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