What Kind of Fool

What Kind of Fool?The Wife. Her Husband. Their faith. . . . Will it save them before it’s too late, or will an enemy from their past destroy their marriage forever?

Angelina Preston tunes out the voice of God when she decides to divorce her husband, Greg. She’s forgiven him for his affair, but she won’t forget, even though her heart is telling her to. Shortly after she files divorce papers, she finds out her non-profit organization is being investigated by the IRS for money laundering. In the midst of the very public scandal, Angelina becomes ill. Through financial and physical trials, she learns that faith and forgiveness may really be the cure for all that ails her, but can she forgive the people who hurt her most?

Sexy, successful Dr. Gregory Preston didn’t appreciate his wife when he had her. His affair with a devious man-stealer has him put out of his home and put off with women who continue to throw themselves at him. Greg wants his wife back, but he’ll have to do some fancy operating to get her. When the secrets and lies from his past continue to mess up his future, Greg finds himself looking to the God he abandoned long ago for a miracle only faith can provide.

Samaria Jacobs finally has the one thing she’s always wanted: a man with money. The fact that she’s in love with him is a bonus, but even so, life is anything but blissful. She’s paying for her past sins in ways she never imagined and living in fear that the secret she’s keeping will separate them forever.


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 Praise for What Kind of Fool

“Rhonda McKnight is back with her special blend of Jesus, drama and more emotional intensity than she’s ever delivered before. What Kind of Fool is sure to satisfy readers from the first page to the last word.”
– Sherri Lewis, Essence Bestselling Author of Selling My Soul and My Soul Cries Out

“Samariais back with a bang! Rhonda McKnight delivers the surprises one after another in this fast paced story that will keep readers at the edge of their seats.”
Tiffany L. Warren, Essence Bestselling Author of The Bishop’s Daughter and In The Midst of It All and the founder of the Annual Faith and Fiction Retreat

What Kind of Fool is an amazing story. It was so good, I could hardly stop reading. I loved it.” – Bettrena Williamson, Global Impact Ministries Daughters of Destiny Book Club

4 thoughts on “What Kind of Fool

  1. selma ndi says:

    rhonda, I knew about you through mummy sherri in Cameroon. I think you are an exceptional writer with very beautiful and organised characters. it has bit been really nice reading ur books. secrets and lies rock.. came in handy ….. was having relatnship probs at the time..bla bla and eventhough it isnt the best now, its beta. am aspiring to be a writer too but its hard. i want to influence people thro books, thats what God wants me to do. Keep doing what u do coz you are perfect at it much love

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