I LOVED this workshop! Keyword – Workshop. From the first class you are introduced to tons of useful information, podcasts, handouts, book suggestions and Rhonda’s humor!

The sessions were engaging and the homework was thought-provoking and fun! Each week I felt myself learning more and building a confidence that I never had before. My writing from the beginning of the sessions to the end clearly improved.

Her passion for words and teaching was clearly shown throughout each session and beyond by answering email questions and having mini offline sessions. I did not want my workshop time to end! Treat yourself and take this class! You won’t regret it. 🙂

~ Penelope G. – April 2019
I was stuck in a rut while trudging through the first draft of my novel. I saw Rhonda was offering a class and I thought it would be a great way to fine-tune my craft and work out some of my novel’s kinks. I’m so glad I did! It was exactly what I needed to work on my story’s weaknesses and on my own writer insecurities. Rhonda has a wealth of knowledge, but most importantly, she is passionate about writers and dedicated to helping them write the book(s) they’ve always dreamed about. It’s more than a writing course; you’ve found a mentor and teacher for the rest of your career.
~ Jeida Walker – April 2019
I believe Rhonda McKnight’s course is a must for aspiring authors. When I took the class over a year ago, I felt I received so much vital information that I wouldn’t remember it or retain it. However, today I still find myself repeating things I learned then. Students will get a chance to identify who they are as writers, defining what kind of writer they are. Are you a writer that outlines or are you a pantser? One will learn the true definitions on the elements of craft. The main thing that stuck out with me is GMC: goal, motivation, and conflict. GMC is key to every story. Rhonda’s teaching is a mix of humor and realness, and students will walk away ready to write their books the right way. Every time the class is offered, I want to take it again. It’s just that interesting, necessary, and important. Invest in yourself and sign up for one of the best writing courses ever.
~ Author Marcena Hooks – The Motherhood Diaries and The Dating Game
Write it Right is a fast paced goal oriented course. It motivates one to get moving and prepares you with the tools you need to do so. This course brought attention to common mistakes and provided us with examples and homework that enabled us to see how to make corrections. Rhonda McKnight is an invigorating teacher and passionate about her work; this made the class enjoyable and not too overwhelming as we digested loads of information.  Write is Right is well worth it and leaves you feeling empowered.
~ Aspiring author, Tiara Moore


Rhonda McKnight’s class was one of the best classes I’ve taken. It was worth the money and you could have charged more for it. In fact, I’ve paid more and gotten less in similar circumstances.

~ Jackie Holness author and blogger at After The Altar Call


I highly recommend Rhonda ‘ s literary services. She is not only a prolific author, she is just as gifted as a proven facilitator!
Her amazing trainings are engaging, inspiring and thought-provoking and will equip you with the writing tools to enhance your mechanics and stir your style to the next level.
I recommend those who are searching for a writing coach, facilitator, etc…Rhonda ‘ s courses are phenomenal!

~ Author Tonya Rivers

I first sought Rhonda McKnight’s professional services in November 2018. I had been searching for a writing coach, and specifically, someone to assist me converting my e-book into paperback as a self-publisher. When I contacted her for a consultation, I was impressed by her timely response and her enthusiasm to learn more about my individual needs. Shortly, after our initial contact, we set up a consult, and she asked pointed questions, as well as, offered clear expectations. Within days she offered a proposed timeline for completing the project, as well as, a task list of priorities. Her approach made me feel confident that my goals were attainable and realistic. I most appreciated her willingness to walk me through several aspects of the self-publishing process, and her expertise with formatting and social media marketing. As someone who had virtually no presence in social media, she had a challenging task. She was definitely up for the challenge, and the exact person God wanted to walk me through this process. Even after my paperback was published, she continued to provide professional guidance and support. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, and went above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend her services.
~ Dorienna M. Alfred, Ph.D. – Author of Pregnant with Promise
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