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The series order is All She Wants, All He Needs, All They Need, All The Cowboy Wants, All They Want, All The Pastor Wants,  A Bennett Wedding, All She Needs, All She Dreamed and All They Loved coming August 15, 2023! 

All She Needs

 Jackson Bennett has no faith in love. When the reclusive multi-millionaire takes a position as interim mayor of Forest Hills, he finds himself drawn to his fiery assistant and reevaluating his life. Meisha is good for him. She sees past his vulnerabilities and isn’t impressed with his wealth. Will he step out of the shadows and into her light or will her current drama push him back to a life of solitude?

Meisha Merriweather was minding her own business when she got arrested. Her boss Jackson Bennett steps up and saves her from jail. Now the media is coming for her, and she’s dragging Jackson into the tornado right along with her. Will she find herself out of a job and separated from the man who might be the one she didn’t even know she needed?

Available in eBook and paperback. Click HERE

All She Dreamed

Sienna Ingram is determined to marry a man with money. Living in Forest Hills her entire life and planning upscale events for the rich and famous residents have exposed her to the best that money can buy. Her older sisters have all married wealthy Bennett men. She’s not interested in becoming another Bennett wife, but she does want one of Forest Hills richest citizens.

Mason Jones has settled in Forest Hills invested money from his inheritance in a new business venture. No one knows he’s a Bennett including Sienna, the woman who captured his attention and made him plant roots. When he hires her to plan a party, forcing proximity to work with him, he doesn’t expect her to steal his heart and break shortly after.

Sienna has fallen for him too, but he’s not wealthy, so she quickly buries her feelings for him. Mason is determined to win her over, but will it be too late for them once he realizes why she rejected him in the first place?

Available in eBook and paperback 1/19/2023. Click HERE

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