Need a little help from someone who’s where you want to be? 

Sometimes, that’s what a writer needs to reach a fiction writing goal. I offer one-on-one coaching assistanceediting, and mentorship, because those are the three things (in addition to writing) that helped me get where I am as a multi-published, award winning author. I’d love to offer you the same.

  • Do you have a great story idea and need some help fleshing it out?
  • Do you want to write a story, but have no idea if it’s actually salable?
  • Do you think you have a great idea and want to make sure it’s not going to fizzle in the middle? Or are you in the middle and its sagged?
  • Do you have great characters and a weak plot? Or a great plot and weak characters?
  • Do you have a project written and need help with rewriting?
  • Finished your project and have no idea what to do next?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, you may need my Coaching Services. All my packages include coaching, critique, and mentorship.

As a coach – I’ll cater to your specific needs. It is a completely client-driven service that addresses your project, publishing and promotional needs.

As a mentor – I’ll share how I did it and what I would do if I were you, so that you have a model to consider.

As an editor– I’ll give you substantive developmental feedback on your writing.

What qualifies me to coach you?  Several things, but the number one is that I love writing and I love mentoring. I’m a bit of  a dream chaser, so I get it…you are gifted and you want to see your dream of holding your novel in your hands come true. I used to be you. Or you are a published author and you know you need some help with craft and marketing. Continuing education is critical to the success of an author’s longevity in this business. Readers expect and deserve the best. I applaud you for caring about your career. I know I can help you to become a better author.

I have several award winning novels under my belt, most notably my 2015 Emma Award for Unbreak My Heart, nine years of free-lance editing experience, a master’s degree in adult education, and 19 years of career experience training and providing coaching services for state government. I told you I enjoyed teaching. See the About Rhonda page for more about my experience publishing other authors.

With respect to coaching, I have 4 packages. Choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Package 1 – The Starter Kit: Writing has been a hobby and now you want to finish a project. Attending a writer’s conference and need advice on what to say to an editor or agent?

  • One – 45 minute session and 2 follow up emails.
  • Read and critique the first 5 pages of your project.
  • Feedback on story premise from a creative and marketing standpoint.

Price – $125

Package 2 – Emerging Writer: Are you serious about publication, but need help making it happen? We’ll address goal setting, time management, organization, and development of the project, to include: story structure, character development, goal, motivation and conflict or whatever YOU decide you’d like to discuss.

  • Two – 60 minute sessions and up to 3 follow up emails a month.
  • Written summary or recording of the content of conversation.
  • A list of resources to assist you.
  • A critique of 3,000 words of your project or synopsis (1st month)
  • Feedback on five pages of the project per month (subsequent months)

Price – $ 150 a month

Package 3 – Fix-It Craft Intensive: You’ve finished a project and you need intensive assistance to make revisions.

  • One – 60 phone session and 7 follow up emails (first month only).
  • Four – 30 phone sessions and up to 5 follow up emails a month (subsequent months).
  • Written summary or recording of content of conversation during the sessions.
  • A list of resources to assist you.
  • A substantive analysis of the first 5,000 words of your project and synopsis (first month).
  • Critique/feedback of 10 pages of your project (each subsequent month).

Price – $250 – 1st month and $175 each subsequent month (2 month minimum).

Package 4 – You Call It.You tell me what you want, and we’ll tailor the package to suit your needs. This package includes a minimum of 60 minutes of a coaching session, but beyond that you’ll decide what’s next.

Price – $100 for initial consultation session. The balance to be determined by your unique needs.

To inquire, contact me by email at – Writing Coach in the subject line. 

  • All sessions will be completed by telephone unless otherwise requested.
  • Georgia residents who desire in person sessions will have to make accommodations for space and pay and onsite fee and travel expenses.
  • For the purpose of critique/feedback – a page is 250 words and double spaced.
  • All submissions must be made in Microsoft WORD.



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