Book One of the Bennett Family Series

People marry for financial reasons all the time, but it’s usually not to get their own money!

Marriage settles a man or at least that’s what Zeke Bennett’s great-grandmother believed. Only a settled man will inherit her millions. Fast forward 70 years and the only settling Zeke wants to do is on a business deal. The opportunity of a lifetime is dangling in front of him, but poor Zeke doesn’t even have a girlfriend. Well, he does, but she’s his best friend and he can’t marry her—can he?
Rachel Ingram is in love with her best friend, Zeke, but he doesn’t know it. Fortunately for her, she has a Team Ingram—five sisters with a plan for how to turn Zeke’s head and heart in Rachel’s direction. In a game that begins with lies and manipulation, Rachel must fight hard to flip her fake marriage to a real one. Will she discover God’s plan would have been better?
Book Two of the Bennett Family Series

Homeless! Lenise Reid never thought that would be her story.

Widowed with a baby, Lenise was making it work as a single mother until a fraudulent transaction wipes out her balance at the bank leaving her with no money. Living paycheck to paycheck takes on new meaning as her world is turned upside down, and she ends up sleeping in her car.

Cole Bennett’s first date with Lenise was all he needed to know she was a woman he wanted to pursue, so when she ghosts him, he goes on a mission to find out why. What he finds is a woman so wounded that even in her most desperate state she struggles with his charity.

Cole has more to give than Lenise knows how to receive. Will past hurt keep her from accepting the most precious gift God has to offer?
Book Three of the Bennett Family Series

It was his second chance and nothing was going to keep them apart.

Harper Ingram needed the job her ex, Logan Bennett, had to offer. Without it, her design firm would be bankrupt in months. But working for Logan was proving to be more difficult than she imagined. Long hours, hot Vegas nights, and an irresistible attraction make her easy prey for his affection. Just when she’s ready to risk it all, an ugly accusation leaves her wondering if she knows him at all.

Logan walked away from Harper before, and he never told her why. He’s determined to get her back by any means necessary. A chance meeting opens the door for opportunity neither can resist. Can Logan convince her to trust him again, and is he willing to tell her why he broke her heart the first time?

Book Four of the Bennett Family Series

He has something she needs.

She has something he wants.

Neither expected the complication called love.

Journalist Addison Ingram has yearned for more serious bylines and being assigned to interview Stone Bennett of the upcoming “Bachelors of Atlanta” series isn’t a part of her plan. She loathes rich, entitled men like Stone but interviewing him is a means to even meatier stories. However, Stone is not the man she thought he was and that discovery could lead to more than she bargained for.

Stone Bennett wrangles horses and women but he never gets attached. No woman has held his attention for more than a night and he doesn’t expect things to be any different with Addison Ingram. Then he hires her as a ghostwriter for his passion project and the chemistry between them makes him yearn for more than a business relationship. Stone thought he didn’t need love, but will he discover Addison’s heart is what he wants?

Samaria Jacobs Series

Press Release:  July 2010 Christian novel introduces a modern day “Samaritan Woman” A marriage in trouble, a man-stealer with a plan…sounds like fertile ground for lots of drama in a novel, but how do you tell the tale and still deliver the message of faith, hope and redemption the way “Christian fiction” is supposed to? … Continue reading Samaria Jacobs Series

Jordan Family Series

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Second Chances Series

  Breaking All The Rules  This was reading satisfaction from beginning to end. ~ Michelle Monkou, USA TODAY Some rules are made to be broken… Deniece Malcolm is shocked and heartbroken when she finds out her baby sister, Janette, is marrying Terrance Wright, because she was the one who was supposed to marry him! Everybody knows … Continue reading Second Chances Series

The Restoration Series

Book 1 Everyone knows the woman in the “viral” video that hit two million views on YouTube. Humiliated, Tamar Johnson changed her name and disappeared behind the embarrassing video that captured her losing her virginity on prom night. But who was the guy? NFL Running Back Stephen Pierce is football’s darling. He’s spent his entire … Continue reading The Restoration Series

Live a Little

  A grieving woman, an injured soldier and an abandoned dream…can they find hope for tomorrow in each other?  Raine Still has never had much of an identity outside of being the daughter of the old hippie couple that own Hope House, a transitional housing facility in the worse part of Charlotte, North Carolina, and … Continue reading Live a Little

Unbreak My Heart

  Hearts broken… Words unspoken… Can Cameron and Gray find their way back to each other? Cameron Scott’s reality T.V. show career is spiraling into an abyss. She’s desperate enough to do almost anything to keep a roof over her head and provide the financial support that’s needed for her daughter and ailing grandmother. When … Continue reading Unbreak My Heart

Give A Little Love

Marcus Thompson has pain in his past, but he’s decided it’s time to try love again. A widowed orphan from a wealthy family, he’s alienated from his grandfather and wants a family of his own. His feelings for Brooke can’t be denied, but she won’t give him a chance to prove he’s not the playboy … Continue reading Give A Little Love

Righteous Ways

The third book in the Samaritan Woman Series… Reformed man-stealer, Samaria Jacobs, has finally surrendered to love and marriage. Will she keep her man or has the time come for her to reap the heartache she’s sown?  Excerpt Chapter One I hadn’t gotten away with felony theft, so my chances of committing murder and not … Continue reading Righteous Ways

Breaking All The Rules

Breaking All the Rules By Rhonda McKnight Available Now in e-book format for $2.99 Book One in the Second Chances Series Deniece Malcolm is shocked and heartbroken when she finds out her baby sister, Janette, is marrying Terrance Wright, because she was the one who was supposed to marry him! Everybody knows there’s a rule … Continue reading Breaking All The Rules


Three prolific Urban Christian authors have teamed up in this anthology that proves revenge isn’t always so sweet. Contributors: E.N. Joy, Sherri Lewis and Rhonda McKnight A Piece of Revenge By Rhonda McKnight Where do broken hearts go? If you’re Tamera Watson…to the pawn shop to buy a gun. Tamera Watson’s husband is gone and … Continue reading Anthologies

Secrets and Lies

Faith Morgan is struggling with her faith. Years of poor communication and neglect leave her doubting that God will ever fix her marriage. When a coworker accuses her husband, Jonah, of the unthinkable, Faith begins to wonder if she really knows him at all, and if it’s truly in God’s will for them to stay … Continue reading Secrets and Lies