The manuscript evaluation is for the writer/author who has written a manuscript or a good portion of the manuscript and you need an evaluation of the project. This is a look at the big picture. It’s an overview type of critique where basic plot, characterization and consistency will be evaluated. Although the entire projects submission will be read it will not have line by line comments that address all the elements of your story in detail. A manuscript evaluation is recommended during the early stages of your work or if you have received several rejections from editors and want to have your work reviewed before sending it out again.

What you will receive:

A  2-3 page summary write up that outlines the strengths and weakness of your character, plot and story structure. A phone call to discuss my summary.

What you will pay:

I charge $ 1.50 per page for manuscript evaluations. A page is 250 words.

If this sounds like it fits your needs contact me by Email at  


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