The Thing About Home

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Exciting and new from me – The Thing About Home

A disgraced social media star flees to South Carolina’s Lowcountry in search of refuge and connection to the family she’s never known.

Thirty-six-year-old former model turned social media influencer Casey Black has been in front of the camera since she was a toddler. But when her ten-year anniversary vow renewal ceremony ends with her being left at the altar, Casey has new fame—the kind she never wanted. With her personal and business life in shambles, she flees New York City to visit South Carolina’s Lowcountry, where she hopes to find the family of the deceased father she never knew. What Casey doesn’t expect to find is a 300-acre farm, a 99-year-old grandmother, and an aunt who connects her to family, history, Gullah culture, and the past in a way that changes the beauty icon forever. She also doesn’t expect to meet a man like Nigel Evanston. This social media phobic single father doesn’t know who she is or what she’s done.

Casey has run, but she can’t hide from the ugly truth around her divorce or the secret her mother has kept about her father’s death. When interest in her brand is renewed, Casey must decide if she’ll return to the fame and money she left behind or accept the gifts of love her new family and Nigel have offered.

Available May 9, 2023

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