Earth Day Giveaway!

earth-day-5RsMonday is Earth Day!  It’s a very important day to me. I care about the planet my children and their children will inherit and I marvel at the amazing blessing from God that our planet truly is. So with that said I try to be greenish. In hopes that you’ll try to save the planet with me I’m going to do a giveaway! Yay! There are two prizes:

1 – A $10 Amazon or B&N gift card to one of my readers.

2 – A copy of one of my books. This prize is for an entrant who hasn’t read any of my books or has read one, but wants an autographed copy.

The winners will be chosen by drawing. Here is what you have to do to have an entry into the drawing:

1) Like my Facebook reader page at and/or follow me on Twitter at

2) Entries for #1 have to have read one of my books. (They’ll be a test question).

3) Do something for Earth Day! Share your Earth Day project via picture posted to my Facebook reader page ( or you can email it to me.) The Earth Day project doesn’t have to be fancy – you can plant something, take something to be recycled, blog about Earth Day, wear a “Green” tee-shirt, pick up groceries in a recycled bag. Share an informative blog post from someone else on your Facebook page or Tweet it. Anything will do it, but I need a picture or a link to see what you’ve done.

4) Leave a comment on this blog post.

That’s it! All the entrants for prize # 1 and # 2 will be entered into a drawing to be held on Friday, April 26th.

The winner of #1 will receive an e-gift card from either Amazon or B&N. It’s your choice.

The winner of #2 will receive a paper copy of one of my books. The winner has to be in one of the 48 continuous states. No international mailing. Sorry!

Thanks and let me know if you have any questions. Good luck and let’s save this planet together!!!

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