What Angie and Jesse did for me.

Fifty-three years ago (Jan 5, 1970) All My Children premiered and ran for 41 years. 🙂

Portrayed by Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams, All My Children brought us the first Black supercouple in US television history. That was a blessing to my teenage Black girl soul. 🤎🤎🤎

They made me believe and expect to see Black love on television. The beauty and complexity of Angie and Jesse’s relationship inform my writing today. They inspired the fantasy of romance and devotion. They are characters in the time capsule of my memory and possibly the reason my stories always feature 🤎🤎 hearts finding each other. I am their lovechild. 🤭😆😌

I have a healthy respect for fictional characters. Not just because I’m a writer, but because they have the power to shape our consciousness. I always say nonfiction gives us facts, but fiction will show us what’s possible.

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