Beyonce Is Forever…

Sooo, there is a story circulating about a young lady who announced on social media that she is getting evicted. She spent her rent money on Beyonce tickets. She said “Shelter comes and goes, but Beyonce is forever.” Interesting value system there, but in the spirit of not judging her choice, maybe her mama moved her around a lot as a child. Maybe shelter does come and go.

As a child my character Samaria Jacobs grew up like that. Her mother moved around a lot because of evictions and it had some pretty damaging effects. In An Inconvenient Friend deceitful diva, Samaria Jacobs, plots to get close to her lover’s wife in order to get inside information about his troubled marriage. What she doesn’t expect to find is the one thing she’s never had…a friend. Available at Amazon, B&N, BAM, iBooks and through your local bookseller.

An Inconvenient Friend

Here’s a link to the story.

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