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LogoYou Said 2016 Was The Year For You…

You set a goal on December 31, 2015 before midnight struck and ushered in Sweet 2016. This year is the year that you are going to finish the book you’ve been writing. I know about that New Years Eve promise. I made it to myself for fifteen years. You may have taken my “Getting Started” class in late January and you may have even been waiting for me to teach some more to keep you moving along. I’m back with classes and guess what? It’s early May. You still have time to finish strong.

I’ll be offering the following:

Creating Emotionally Dynamic Characters and Unskewing Point of View – Monday, May 9th

Building A Plot That Won’t Crumble – Monday, May 16th

Dialogue: It’s Not Just Talk and Heart-thumping Description – Monday, May 23rd

Revision and Self-Editing for Fiction Writers – Monday, June 6th

Publishing and Marketing: The Basics and Some More – Monday, June 13th

Class beings at 8 pm and we’ll go until 10 pm EST. All classes will be delivered online

Each course is priced at the low price of $30 each or 2/$50. You can register for all five classes for $120. This program is normally priced at $225.

Add-ons available for participants who take at least 3 of the 5 classes as follows:

  • 5,000 word critique of your project – $50 (discounted 50%)
  • 45 minute coaching session $35 (full price $100)
  • Both critique and coaching session $75
  • Full Manuscript Evaluation – 40% off

A description of all these services are on my website. Add-ons must be paid by May 30th.
What You’ll Need

A computer or phone

A writing sample (not required)

A few hours outside of class to work on exercises

A great attitude and a desire to learn

Complete the Registration form or email me at with your questions. I’ll invoice you and send you your homework.

Homework, you ask? There will be lots. You will be writing. I will help you finish strong! #sweet2016

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